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We’ve had some extraordinary collaborators over the years. From world-renowned events to spontaneous gatherings on the fringes of subcultures, they’ve all helped to shape the island we experience today.

Photo: Attilio Maranzano

Reproduction by Carsten Höller

The German-Belgian artist Carsten Höller examined the theme of ’reproduction’, adopting an approach which is at once scientific and artistic.


Photo: Paula Court

Performa Archive & Wu Tsang

A glimpse into the elaborate depth of American film and performance art, with New York-based performance biennale Performa and award-winning visual artist Wu Tsang’s dual-film manifesto Diversity is Reality. The exhibition took place at the art center of Refshaleøen; Copenhagen Contemporary.

Photo: Martin Marinov

Eyescape by Christian Lemmerz & Lars Top-Galia

The exhibition Eyescape at Copenhagen Contemporary was a monumental collaborative improvisation – a joint creation by the artist Christian Lemmerz and the guitarist Lars Top-Galia.

Photo: Ugo Carmeni

Heirloom by Larissa Sansour

The exhibition Heirloom invited the audience to enter a dark universe comprising a science fiction film, a sculptural installation, and an architectural intervention.

Photo: Morten Skovgaard



Since 2010 Copenhell has reigned as one of Denmark’s vanguard open-air heavy metal festivals, each year rousing Refshaleøen for three days with the likes of Slipknot, Black Sabbath, Slayer and Marilyn Manson.



One of the biggest concerts ever held at Refshaleøen, Barbados-born pop icon Rihanna performed in 2016 for a crowd 25,000 devoted fans during her Anti World Tour.

Haven Festival


A festival for the senses merging experiments in art, music, food and beer, orchestrated by alt-rock legends The National along with Noma co-founder Claus Meyer and Copenhagen’s omnipresent beer-authority, Mikkeller.



In 2014 Refshaleøen was transformed into Eurovision Island, with 200 million viewers from around the world tuning into the famed contest broadcasted from our monolithic B&W halls.



MoveCopenhagen is a community-driven festival celebrating the diversity of movement—from yoga and dance to parkour and slackline.

MAD Symposium


Initiated by the founders of Noma, MAD is a worldwide community of chefs, food entrepreneurs and enthusiasts exploring the coexistence of food with our most pressing global challenges every year on Refshaleøen.

Photo: Kim Matthaï Leland

Ekko by Vertigo


By reviving lights from the old B&W shipyard, Vertigo paid homage to the island’s rich history with their spectacular art piece exhibited at Copenhagen Light Festival.

Distortion Ø


An annual celebration of Copenhagen’s endless creativity, Distortion spills from a mid-week street party to the plains of Refshaleøen for a weekend festival mixing art, electronic music and all-out madness.

Photo: Søndagsvenner



Hailed as ‘the best way to spend your Sunday’, Søndagsvenner (Friends of Sunday) threw several intimate and DIY-spirited events uniting music with art, food, sports, and games.

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