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Meet the artist, musician, and composer Signe Høirup Wille-Jørgensen, better known as Jomi Massage, in her longstanding rehearsal space at Refshaleøen. ⁠
Here, she has developed her own method to ward off creative resistance, transforming the artistic process - even for Stine - into a source of enjoyment rather than hardship.⁠
Tap the link in our bio to watch the full-length film via @refshaleoen ’s link in bio 🔗or at⁠ 🎞🍿⁠
Film by & @ascaniusdp
Follow the threads of mycelium into the modest containers, where @bygaarddk busy production amazes with an abundance of mushrooms in their diversity and full bloom. Meet the founder and CEO @lassecarlsen , who talks about his journey of childhood forest morels on Bornholm to Refshaleøen, and a sustainable vision of producing mushrooms amid our cities. ⁠ 

See the full-length video and hear the rest of the conversation with Lasse via @refshaleoen’s link in bio 🔗 or refshaleø⁠